Etta James - At Last

Etta James - At Last

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It looks like we haven't added an audio preview of this song to our YouTube channel yet. Not to worry! You can click the link above, and we can send you an audio file via email. :)

Compatible with the 30-note music box:

This is a music box arrangement of "At Last" by Etta James for the 30-note music box. You can use this paper strip with your music box to play the song!

The duration of the music box arrangement is about 1-minute and 30-seconds long.

Every song is made with permission from the songwriters/owners. We feel strongly about supporting songwriters, composer, and publishers, so we get a license to make every music box arrangement, and a lot of our revenue goes back to the original creators/publishers of the song. For more details about copyright and licensing, please contact us.

How it works:

You can order the song in a couple of different formats:

  1. Digital PDF: a template that you can print out on any home printer that shows you how to assemble the song. We've got a printing guide with some useful tips and tricks for making your first song!
  2. Physical Copy: a physical paper strip with the holes punched out and ready to go. (Ready in 3 days with free shipping within the United States)

Once you have your music box song ready, you can insert it into the front slot of the music box to play the song.

We use a unique kind of music box mechanism that uses a paper strip to play the song. Once you insert the song into the music box, holes punched out of the paper activate gears within the music box mechanism that play the notes. Using this system, we can make a music box arrangement of almost any song!


Can you convert a song from 30-note to 15-note music box?

Maybe! If there's a song that you'd like, but we don't have it for your specific model of music box, we might be able to convert it for you. Let us know what song you'd be interested in. We'd be happy to help!

Can you make custom songs?

Yes! We can make a music box arrangement of almost any song, as long as it's compatible with the music box mechanism, and we can get permission to make the song.

Do you have permission to make these songs legally?

Yes, we feel strongly about supporting artists, songwriters, and owners. We get a license before making any copies of a song.

Does the song come with a music box?

Sadly, the music box isn't included with the song. If you need help getting the right music box, definitely let us know! We're always happy to help! We also have some music boxes on our website.

How does the digital copy work?

If you'd prefer to get a digital copy of the song, we can send you a PDF file of the song that use can use to print out on any home printer. The template shows you where to punch the holes out to make the song. Check out our printing guide with pictures and some useful tips and tricks for making your first song!

If you'd prefer to get a physical copy instead, we can do that too! The physical copies are already punched out and ready to go. :)