What We Do

We make custom music boxes with custom songs!

The Tabor Music Box Co. is a small music publisher in Randolph, Vermont that makes custom music boxes with custom songs.

We use a unique kind of music box mechanism that uses paper strips to play the song. When a song is inserted into the music, holes punched into the paper activate gears within the music that play the notes. Using this mechanism, we can make almost any song for the music box!

Custom Box Designs

We can make a custom design for the top of the music box. The designs can be cut out (like the picture above), engraved, or rasterized.

The music boxes are made of walnut, and have a natural satin beeswax finish. The dimensions of the music box are about 5"x3"x2", and has a weight of 3 lbs.

Other species of wood (like Cherry, and Oak) are also available.

All our boxes are made in Vermont.

Custom Engraved Messages

We can write a custom message on the top, front, or bottom of the music box.

Almost Any Custom Song

We can make almost any song for your music box! We use a unique kind of music box mechanism that uses paper strips to play the song (similar to a player piano).

We feel strongly about supporting artists, songwriters, and owners, so we get always ask for permission before making a music box arrangement, and a large portion of our income goes back to the original artists and music publishers.

Luckily, we have connections with all the major music publishers in the United States (such as Universal, Warner/Chappell, and Kolbalt), so we can get permission to make a music box arrangement of almost any song in about 1-3 business days. :)

If you're interested, let us know which song you'd like! We'd be happy to check to see if it's compatible for you!

Over 250 Songs Already Available

We've got a huge collection of songs that we've made over the years. Check out our catalog! 

Digital Music Boxes and More

If you'd prefer, we also can make a music box with a digital music box mechanism or hand crank mechanism that plays the song without a paper strip.

Pricing and Processing Time

We usually ask for around $195 to $295 for the music box, and $100 to make a custom music box arrangement of a song. Pre-made songs in our collection our also available for about $7 to $40.

We can usually make and deliver a music box pretty quickly, but it depends a bit on the complexity of the order; however, I'd say on average we can make a music box in 3-14 days with 2-3 day shipping.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, or you'd just like to say hi, we'd love to hear from you! You can contact us anytime at:

+1 (802) 230 1223