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How it Works

A Music Box That Can Play Any Song

We use a unique kind of mechanism inside the music boxes that can play songs using a paper strip. Once you insert a song into the music box, holes punched into the paper activate gears inside the music box mechanism that play the notes. Using this system, we can make a music box arrangement of almost any song for your music box!

The Mechanism: Where the Magic Happens

The music box mechanisms we use are a modern take on the antique polyphon music boxes from the 1800’s. We use a unique kind of music box mechanism that uses paper strips to play a song. Holes punched into the paper strip activate gears within the music box mechanism which play the notes. Using this system has a bunch of neat advantages over normal music boxes.

One of our favorite features about using this kind of music box mechanism is that you can play multiple songs with the same music box. There’s a slot on the front of the music box which you can feed songs into, and it’s quite easy to switch from one song to another. Because it uses paper strips to play the song instead of a barrel (like traditional music boxes), there is no limit to how long a song can be. We’ve even made full 5-10 minute songs before! Lastly, because paper is pretty easy to work with, we can make custom songs for your music box!