Franz Gruber - Silent Night
Franz Gruber - Silent Night
Franz Gruber - Silent Night
Franz Gruber - Silent Night

Franz Gruber - Silent Night

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Details and Shipping

This is a copy of arranged by BoxOfMusic compatible with the 30-note music box!
The duration of the music box arrangement is about 1-minute and 30-seconds long.
We can send you the song as either a physical copy or a digital PDF file that you can print out at home.
Estimated Delivery by 2 weeks (for physical copies delivered within the United States)

Listen on YouTube

*The artwork featured in the video might be different from the copies being sold.

This Music Box Arrangement Was Made By BoxOfMusic!

Since 2015, BoxOfMusic has been creating illustrated music box videos on YouTube of songs from various movies, video games, and shows, accumulating 29k subscribers. As someone who has always loved art, music, and technology, BoxOfMusic sought to find ways to combine all of these interests, thus inventing the idea of animated music box projects. In 2020, BoxOfMusic was featured on Jazza’s channel, a well-known artist on YouTube with 5 million subscribers.

Over the years, many people have asked if BoxOfMusic’s creations were for sale, but it just didn’t seem possible for them to recreate their pieces efficiently enough to be able to do so. That is, until they partnered with Tabor Music Box Co. Now you can purchase your very own copy of the music box arrangements featured in BoxOfMusic’s videos. BoxOfMusic always encourages their subscribers to think outside the box!

Make sure to check back often as we update our shop with more arrangements and artwork options! Also, be sure to follow BoxOfMusic on social media.

Delivery Formats

Digital PDF (Blank)

We can deliver the music box arrangement to you instantly as a digital PDF file that you can use to create the music box song at home! You can use the PDF file to print out a template which shows you where to punch out the holes to create the song. If at any point you’re having trouble printing and assembling your music box strip, be sure to contact us. We’re happy to help!

Digital PDF (with Artwork)

An example of a Digital PDF with artwork featuring the song, Haggstrom by C418.

This format features artwork by BoxOfMusic, but with a twist! YOU get to take part in the creative process and assemble this sheet from home. This is perfect for those interested in getting a glimpse into the DIY process, or even for those simply seeking to avoid international shipping fees.

This format is delivered instantly as a PDF file! To assemble, print out your song using 8.5 x 11 90lb cardstock. Punch out the holes using the hole puncher included with your music box. Then, tape the strips together to make one continuous song!

Physical Copy (Blank)

We can also deliver the song to you as a physical copy that is already assembled with all the holes punched out. We've done all the hard work for you, and the physical copy is ready to play right out of the box!

Physical Copy (with Artwork)

An example of a physical copy with artwork featuring the song, Haggstrom by C418.

This format features artwork made by BoxOfMusic! Experience the wonder of a music box tune with the added charm of illustrations relating to the song. No assembly required, simply turn the sheet through your music box and enjoy!

Note: the artwork featured on the music box strip might be different from what is featured in the YouTube video. Please view the product images at the top of the page to see the exact artwork made for the production version.